HI-TEMP 35 LB Competition Plate Pair

Boost your athletic performance with our premium Hi-Temp 35 Lb Competition Bumper Plates, the ultimate choice for Olympic weightlifting, cross-training, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Engineered to excel in scenarios where dropping the barbell from overhead or shoulder height is routine, these bumper plates deliver unmatched quality. Why choose our Hi-Temp Competition Bumper Plates? Low Bounce: Our bumpers offer minimal bounce, ensuring a safe and efficient workout experience. Maximum Durability: Crafted for enduring toughness, these plates can withstand the most demanding training regimens. Steel Disc Insert: Each plate features a robust steel disc insert, guaranteeing reliable performance. Enhanced Strength: Thanks to an additional inner steel ring, these bumpers boast exceptional durability and superior force absorption and dispersion capabilities. Raised Lettering: The raised lettering enhances grip and style, making it easier to identify the plates. Metal-on-Metal Contact Prevention: A raised rubber surface around the center disc minimizes metal-on-metal contact, extending the lifespan of your equipment. Elevate your fitness journey with Hi-Temp Competition Bumper Plates, the choice of champions. Experience precision, durability, and safety like never before.

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