HI-TEMP 2.5 Kg Change Plate Pair

Hi-Temp 2.5 KG Change Plates are available in pairs, offering a range of weight increments. Each plate is designed with a precise collar opening and boasts an exterior rubber coating, ensuring a secure, non-slip grip on any standard Olympic barbell. The plates are distinguished by a vibrant color coding system (White/Yellow/Blue/Red) and a sleek, quality matte finish, enhancing their visual appeal and allowing for easy identification from a distance. For dedicated weightlifters, the nuanced control provided by incremental loading with these change plates is crucial for pushing boundaries – whether it’s striving to meet an existing personal record or achieving a new milestone. To customize your weightlifting experience with Hi-Temp KG Change Plates, whether as individual pairs, a standard set, or a tailored package, please refer to the options listed in the column on the right.

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